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Cardi B sets the record straight on Birkin bags

Cardi B has surprised us all with her latest video discussing economics and actually making some valid points.

In a clip shared on Instagram Cardi B talks about a tweet where rappers such as Cardi B are actually thought to depreciate the value of Birkin bags.



For those that are not on top of their fashion labels, a Birkin bag is a line of bags by French maker Hermes who restricts the supply to special clients making it very a very exclusive and a very expensive bag which can be anywhere between $9k to half a million.

There used to be a wait list but there no longer is one and there are limits to how many Birkins a customer can purchase per year according to Business Insider. In fact, given the fashion label’s clear aim of keeping the bag exclusive to retain its high price, the designer is very selective about who it allows to purchase its bag, and of course if the wrong celebrity is given the bag its value would depreciate, hence the comment around why Cardi B and female rappers shouldn’t be given one according to the tweet being discussed.




Now Hermes wouldn’t have selected Cardi B for a bag if it genuinely believed that to be the case and actually Cardi B’s daughter Kulture even has an $8,000 Birkin which was gifted to her by Offset.

So clearly her influence makes her worthy of carrying one. Something that Cardi also points out when she gives some facts around the increase in Louboutin sales when she released Bodak yellow and Balenciaga when she sings ‘I like it like that’ to the point that Balenciaga even signed her up as the face of their campaign.

In her video she also points out how black women and ethnic minorities are often assumed to either be carrying fake bags or not have enough money for one even though there are many well qualified women out there.

She even gives out some useful advice to what she calls ‘regular’ girls wanting a bag telling them not to break their backs for one and not to let the internet life influence them. According to her the internet life is fake, she went to a club and didn’t see anyone with one.

Whether it was scripted or heartfelt comment, it certainly was a positive for the many who feel the need to be defined by labels. What do you think?

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