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Cardi B's New Video Is Out Ft. Anitta & Myke Towers

Cardi B is making news everyday whether its her record breaking single "WAP" or rumors surrounding her plan to divorce husband offset.

The latest addition is her new single "Me Gusta" featuring "latin maestra" Anitta and Myke Towers.

Though Me Gusta meaning "I like it" is over used key phrase in latin music, the trio has taken it to another level. Before them Shakira and reggeaton singer Natti Natasha have also played around with the phrase "Me Gusta" Shakira's version of "Me Gusta" has garnered more than 12 million views in 6 months and Natti Natasha's "Me Gusta" stands at 14 million views in one year.

But now as Cardi B says She likes it expecting views around a billion is not too much to ask.

The video "Me Gusta" is released on official channel of Anitta and in 5 hours it has been seen by 300K fans.


Here is the Lyrics of Cardi B's Me Gusta ft. Anitta and Mike Towers.

A mí me gusta Every time you look at me, that way A mí gusta All the dirty things you need, every day En cada detalle que te hago, y que me haces bien It’s what I like ya ya ya It’s just what I like A mí me gustan las mujeres when they shake their ya ya ya A mí gusta when they want they go and get it, ya ya ya A mí me guuuuu, a mí me guuuuu A mí me gus...

He like to eat the cake like its my B day! Y to lo dia es mi cumpleanos! Boy I like it ruff don’t take it easy! Gangsta, yeah I like it in the Bando Me gustan lo macho y que coman cuca que haciendo el amor me jale la peluca El me dijo que le facina mi bunda Ami me gusta el dinero no te confunda I like girls that kiss on girls eso me pone on fya yah! I like birkins I like murking all my haters yah yah yah! Yo tengo el sazon de una afro latina y muevo mi cintura como shakira la Cardi y Anitta two fly mamacitas Bad bitches me gustan toditas!

Well in the lyrics they are saying loud and clear things that they love about both women and men.Rolling Stone has defined it as "Unabashedly bisexual and bilingual"

Anitta is a Latin Grammy-nominated Brazilian singer-actress who has a forth coming project with Warner Records.

Hear Anitta "Me Gusta" (Feat. Cardi B & Myke Towers) [Official Audio]

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