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Cardi B's new song 'Up' is loved by some, disliked by others and some claim it's copied

Cardi B released her new song Up on Friday 5thFebruary and is now dealing with the inevitable outcome from release. The song is receiving praise from some while others are showing disgust at the lyrics, wondering what was going through her mind and some are even accusing her of copying the lyrics. We bring you all you need to know about the release and what has happened since.

Firstly, the song is pretty out there. I mean after WAP featuring Megan Thee Stallion many thought nothing could surprise them but this song is pretty up there. WAP still takes the spot for being pretty dirty but this one is definitely not any better.

NME describes 'Up’ as "refreshing" and a “step back from being so open about her intimate encounters in comparison to WAP."“Its upbeat Southern beat is an instant r**p-shaker” claims NME.

Many fans agree and absolutely love the tune and it’s lyrics, “If it’s up, then it’s up, then it’s up, then it’s stuck,” which Cardi B repeats in the chorus are catching. Not to mention there is an element of personal emotions.

Pitchfork calls the track as “a tight and unsurprisingly funny dismissal of detractors”, girls whose “breath smell like horse s*x,” who call her ugly while their boyfriends are secretly trying to seduce her”

Pitch-fork goes on to add, “Cardi’s characteristic self-assurance and instantly quotable one-liners—it’s a solid showing.

It would seem many fans would agree one wrote;

However, not all were convinced nor impressed by her language re-iterating the concerns of her previous song WAP. One wrote;

The media outlets and Cardi B also have different interpretation of the lyrics. When fans asked what “if it’s up it’s stuck means” Cardi B responded with her classic humour;

Many of course believe it to be more about unsettled “beef”. NME reports, “the Bronx star tells everyone, “if it’s up then it’s stuck”, asserting her dominance over her rivals with a classic colloquialism for street beef, “stuck” meaning that the feud’s going nowhere. Witty one-liners shows off that signature Cardi B humour than fans love.”

She has however been accused of copying those lyrics, following the release, some people on Twitter accused Cardi of stealing the lyrics of the song. Mir Pesos tweeted “@iamcardib we want my money,” after the song was released.

The rapper finally broke her silence on these allegations;

She also responded to Mir pesos and said;

“I have never heard of you, and I have never heard of your song.”

She also hinted people can go to court if they have a problem with her song.

“If you’ll are feeling a certain type of way, Y’all can take it to the court,” she said.

Sharing a video she wrote;

“This is such a popular phrase and soo many people sh*t sound. You mean to tell me I copied like 8 songs? STFU tired of explaining this shit.”

The video production has also received praise, directed by ‘WAP’’s Tanu Muino.

So there you have it folks, some love the song, some don’t and some think its copied, tell us what you think?

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