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Bread With Jam And Dead Cockroaches? Cardi B's Cryptic Message For Offset Amid Divorce Rumors

Cardi B has aced the game of keeping her fans engaged, her daily posts on Instagram keep her in limelight but sometimes she has used the same platform to send strong messages.

Recently the news brokeout that Cardi B got tired of her 3 year old marriage with Rapper husband offset and filed for divorce, While the real reason was not clear back then, people were speculating the infidelity of Offset as his past records of cheating on Cardi B was already in the public domain.

The speculation has turned out to be true and Offset's repeated cheating with Cardi B has made her tired of the relationship.

According to reports The New York rapper described their marriage as "irretrievably broken".

Late night yesterday Cardi B has shared a post on Instagram that many are considering as a cryptic message exposing the character of husband Offset.

With a caption good night Cardi B has shared a photo of a slice of bread, jam and two dead cockroaches. Now we are sure that is not Cardi B's midnight snack and the cockroach has a hidden message.

A cockroach is one of the most dreadful creatures because of its nature to inhabit in dirty places, quite relatable to Offset's cheating stories and Cardi B's message could be, no matter how dirty you are, I will put you in my sandwich and finish you.

But right before posting this cryptic post Cardi B has posted a video on Instagram with a caption "I love my hair" but fans noticed something more interesting, Cardi B still has the wedding ring on.

While we can try to decode the messages or speculate what is coming next, it is for sure Cardi B is slightly confused in her life right now and heart broken, her concern may also be more for Kulture than the broken relationship with Offset.

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