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Cardi B ignores lockdown rules then shows off her privilege and brags about access to COVID testing

People make mistakes and some never learn from it, it seems the WAP RAP star Cardi B comes in the later category, no we are not talking about the Re- Reconciliation with offset but she is on the radar of internet users yet again for ignoring the CDC guidelines and Hosting Thanksgiving Dinner for 37 People.

Last time she was trolled for ignoring the CDC guidelines was when she landed in Las Vegas with her clan to celebrate her extravagant birthday bash.

Anyways she is not settling down with the backlash but defending her thanksgiving dinner saying she got everyone tested.

As far as CDC guidelines are concerned the experts and local governing bodies in many states warned not to host large Thanksgiving feasts this year due to coronavirus cases being on the rise.

Cardi B ignored the virus related risk and invited a total of 37 people to celebrate thanksgiving that included 12 kids and 25 adults.

Not only did Cardi B do that but she went on twitter to brag about it calling it lit. This ignorance has fumed many and she was criticized left, right and center for her careless behavior. During this tough time many that followed expert’s advice and stayed away from friends and family during the thanksgiving felt cheated.

On Nov. 29, Cardi B tried to respond to the backlash writing “Sorry my bad, wasn’t trying to make nobody feel bad,” she explained. “I just had my family in my home for the first time and it felt so good and uplifted me. I spent soo much money getting every1 tested but it felt worth it. I wasn’t trying to offend no1.”

She went on to explain “ME especially and everyone that works around me get tested literally 4 times a week,” she wrote. “I’m in the middle of work and every time we clock in we MUST GET TESTED!”

Her explanation was more of showing off her privilege as everyone cannot get tested multiple times and getting tested has no guarantee as the incubation period for COVID-19 could be several days after coming in contact with someone who has the virus.

Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner have also faced similar backlash in the past, but thanksgiving is different from someone celebrating their birthday, doesn’t matter how hard Cardi B tries to explain this, people staying away from their family following the experts’ advice have all the right to feel angry.

What are your thoughts ?

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