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Caitlin Reilly is the change the world was looking for

30 year old comedian Caitlin Reilly has a rare talent, to be able to impersonate problematic individuals, everyone from the “girl who bullied you in high school” to “the WASP mom” which she has been posting on TikTok.

It’s no surprise this has earned her millions of views for each post over the last 6 months. She has even had internet personalities like Colleen Ballinger and James Charles comment on it.

Source: Instagram

We bring you some of our favourites.

Working from home and Zoom call

Many of you can relate to the bothering boss who became more annoying when working from home turned out to be the new normal.

Staying together but still need attention?

Couples who have always blamed work life for not giving enough time to their partner are either finding another escape or for some it doesn't matter what what attention you give, it's never enough.

Mom or Karen ?

Everyone with a pet can relate to it, sometimes you go for a casual outing and you want to take your pet along and there are times when it was actually the pet's time and you steal a moment to have a cup of coffee or grab a quick meal. You will most likely find someone who has an issue with your pet.

According to Insider

Reilly initially downloaded TikTok in February and thought she'd use it to amuse herself during quarantine. At the time, none of her friends used the app, so she felt free to experiment with her content. 

The videos posted by Caitlin are so realistic and relatable you can't ignore any of it. She believes the success of her videos is due to a current obsession with "cringe" and calling out problematic behavior.

Some of Reilly's characters are inspired by her experience growing up and working in Los Angeles. For several years, she assisted clientele in her family's store on Larchmont Boulevard — and the customers, she says, inspired her "WASP Mom" impression

Her content is thought out perfectly and in a time where so-called comedians have been making political remarks more often than jokes, Caitlin is the change the world was looking for.

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