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Bryce Hall claims he didn't cheat on Addison Rae with Josie Canseco but refuses a lie detector test

The Bryce Hall, Addison Rae and Josie Canseco drama has finally been cleared up thanks to an episode of BFFs with Dave Portnoy and Josh Richards on Thursday March 25th or at least we think he cleared it up.

The 21 year old social media star Bryce Hall finally spoke out about what really happened addressing some of the rumors which had suggested that he had cheated on Addison Rae with Josie Canseco.

A couple of days ago while promoting her new album “Obsessed”, Addison Rae told Zane Lowe that she had broken up with Bryce Hall who then confirmed it 2 days later in a video which he called “We broke up” while also clarifying that they had broken up a month ago though remained close.

Speaking to Dave and Josh on Thursday, Bryce claims that people had assumed he cheated on her with Josie Canseco who is also Logan Paul’s ex because they didn’t know that he was no longer with Addison Rae.

When prodded by Dave about whether Bryce had hooked up with Josie, Bryce replied;

“No” but paused then laughed and said “I didn’t. I didn’t”

“Me and Josie are, like, good friends,” he continued.
“We’re hanging out. We’re just vibing. We’ve been to a couple get-togethers.”

Clearly this sounded extremely suspicious so Bryce was asked if he would take a lie detector test his parents listening live. To which Bryce said;

“I would answer the question, but considering there’s no lie detector or my parents’ lives [on the line], I’m standing by the answer.”
“F—k you guys,” he said jokingly.

He went on to clarify that it was his decision to end it and it was primarily due to the stress on their relationship caused by media.

“I was completely stressed out with, like, dude, I paid so much money in lawyer fees to get all this f—king BS off of my plate,” Bryce said, explaining that he had hired attorneys to shut down cheating claims.

“I didn’t want, like, any of that to be blown up to that proportion… On top of that, relationship issues involving that,” he continued.

Apprently he had agreed with Addison that they weren’t going to talk about the breakup but she had let it slip in an interview with Zayn Lowe.

Wow, such an enlightening conversation, as if he hired lawyers to fend off the cheating rumors, if its not true then surely it can remain a rumor and even if it is true then so what, he had afterall broken up with Addison Rae. That interview and his responses sound very suspicious and inconsistent or maybe we are just overthinking this. Tell us what you think.

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