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Britney Spears Has Not Watched “Framing Britney Spears”, Here Is The Real Reason

Framing Britney Spears” is the second major outcome of social media activism after the wallstreetbets has shaken wall street and literally brought them to their knees until the rule of the game was changed.

The effort of #FreeBritney movement has led the big media house New York Times to produce a documentary discussing the pop princess’ rise to fame, mental health struggles, subsequent conservatorship with her father, Jamie Spears and even throwing some light on the ongoing #FreeBritney campaign, a movement spearheaded by the singer’s diehard fans who claim that Jamie is allegedly controlling her against her will.

Free Britney fans have used social media to create a community with similar cause and interest to help Britney out of her conservatorship. While the documentary has magnified the #FreeBritney movement, to the surprise of many, Britney herself has stayed away from the documentary.

According to Page Six a source has revealed that Britney Spears has not seen “Framing Britney Spears,” but knows about the New York Times documentary that is shining a major spotlight on her conservatorship issues.

While people might wonder if Britney could not watch the documentary because of some legal restrictions set forth as part of her conservatorship, a source revealed it was Britney’s own decision.

According to the source:

“She’s chosen not to watch it because she’s fed up with the conservatorship.”
“She feels there is a hole missing in her life because of the conservatorship and that she won’t be able to live a normal life until that’s over. She knows it’s a battle for her whole life.”

As the movement has moved from diehard Britney fans mostly on social media for the whole world to see and understand the minute details of the case, thanks to the New York Times documentary, many influencers and celebrities are showing their support for the movement.

Celebs like Sarah Jessica Parker, Bette Midler and Andy Cohen all tweeted #FreeBritney.

Actress Valerie Bertinelli called the documentary a “gut punch” and noted there were “so many horrible men/leeches in her life,” including her father and Justin Timberlake. She went on to add, “makes me crazy grateful for my parents and how they protected me a young girl in this insane business.”

Talk-show host Tamron Hall also gave her first hand review on Twitter saying It’s an understatement to call it heartbreaking,” and supported the movement by adding the hashtag Free Britney.

Even Miley Cyrus shouted out her support during her “TikTok Tailgate” performance ahead of the Super Bowl. She added Spears’ name to the lyrics of “Party in the U.S.A.,” and told the audience, “We love Britney.”

Khloé Kardashian also tweeted her support, calling the situation, “so so sad,” and wrote that she was “praying” for “queen Britney.”

The document not only criticizes father Jamie Spears but also Justin Timberlake and Diane Sawyer as they are also alleged to make things difficult for Britney almost 2 decades ago.

According to Page Six Timberlake is getting grief for fanning rumors that Spears cheated on him while the two were together. That included the video for his 2002 song “Cry Me A River,” which featured a blond actress, who resembles Spears, sneaking around behind his back.

And Sawyer brutally hounded Spears about the relationship in a 2003 interview causing her to cry on camera.

As far as Britney’s conservatorship is concerned, it is an ongoing case and the next court date over the battle for conservatorship is on Feb. 11.

It is clear that the free Britney movement has just got bigger and it will be interesting to see how impactful it will be for the cause.

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