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Bridgerton's Rege Jean Page's discusses his heart-throb status on SNL

Fans of Bridgerton will be disappointed to learn that actor Rege Jean Page is not single and dating Emily Brown, a copy writer and part time soccer player. With his modesty and sense of humour it’s no wonder he isn’t.

The 31 year old British-Zimbabwean actor appeared on Saturday night Live and among many things discussed his heart-throb status. He opened the show about Bridgerton describing it as a show “that made everyone turn to their mums and say 'you know what, never mind, I don't think we should watch this together."'

The modest actor said fans may describe him as “smouldering” and “sensual” but that he is “just a regular guy.”

When Aidy Bryant and Ego Nwodim pretended to swoon over him, he replied with;

"I have been getting a lot of this energy lately,"
"But you can both relax - I am nothing like my character the Duke. I'm actually quite shy."

After more swooning Rege clarified;

"Ladies, I hate to break it to you but I am actually just kind of a nerd. I nerd out on music, I sing silly little songs."

He then sang cover of love song Unchained Melody, before SNL's Chloe Fineman arrived dressed as Daphne, his Bridgerton love interest.

He then went on to highlight to the audience that he had played other characters beside a duke including high-flying lawyers yet people want him to be the guy that says “I burn for you”.

A source confirmed to Entertainment Tonight on Friday that the heart-throb has been rumoured to be dating Emily Brown despite many speculating if it was his co-star Phoebe Dynevor. This came one week after The Daily Mail showed the two hugging on the sidewalk in North London and it is thought that the relationship is a long term one, the two even purchased a house together in February 2020.

Brown has kept a low profile and doesn’t have a public social media, she does commissioned copywriter work and is a soccer player for South-West London’s FBB Warrior according to reports.

Though not much is known of her, according to daily mail she gave an interview to the student newspaper when she was at university. When asked if she had misbehaved she is reported to have said;

I managed to sneak a giant vase, about 75 centimeters [30 inches] tall, from a club without anyone noticing, even though there were flowers poking out of it. I also decided I wanted curtains for my room so I stole a blind. And a guy from the band Faithless gave me a load of weed once when I was in Ibiza…"

In February 2020, when talking about the making of a successful relationship, Rege told NPR:

“[Simon Basset’s storyline] reminds me of every relationship I’ve ever had. I think it’s figuring out how to make sure that the people in the relationship are collaborators, figuring out how to make both people protagonists in a relationship and how that needs compromise … And I think that figuring out how to open the doors in yourself that make you worthy of love and capable of giving love is that ongoing conversation that I was most interested in exploring.”

Sounds like Rege has found his woman and she is very unlike Phoebe from Bridgerton and if claims from Rege are true then he is also very unlike his character.

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