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Brad and Jen rumoured to get back together, a look back at their relationship

Here we are in 2020 but when you hear Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston are becoming close it feels like 1999. They laugh off the romance rumors but Fans are convinced these two are getting back together.

Great time to revisit ups and downs of their relationships. Let’s time travel.

Year 1998 - Brad and Jen set up

Jennifer and Brad are set up on a dinner date by their agents and sparks fly all over the place. Jennifer tells Diane Sawyer, “It was weird…That was a really easy evening. That was really fun.”

9th Sept 1999 - Brad and Jen hit red carpet holding hands

Brad and Jen hit their first red carpet together for the premiere of Fight Club holding hands.

But 3 days later on 12th September 1999 the couple made an iconic first Emmys appearance looking over-the-moon happy and in love.

29th July 2000 - Brad and Jen get married

It was November 21st 1999 when Brad showed off a ring on Jen’s finger on stage with Sting and almost 8 months later on July 29th 2000 they get married, it was a giant Malibu ceremony with 200 guests, 50,000 flowers, four bands, a gospel choir, and fireworks.

So they left happily ever after?

Of course not, this was just the beginning.

Some, one and half years later Brad appears in an episode of Friends and people had mixed response to this. But this is not about friends; this is about a marriage that had a lot to see in future.

1 January 2005 - some tension between the two

Almost half a decade in their marriage first time photographers noted something, January 1st,2005

People Magazine reported that Brad and Jen spent New Year’s vacationing in the Caribbean with Courteney Cox and David Arquette. A source told the magazine,

“I never saw them touch during the entire meal.” But when they noticed photographers, “They put their arms around each other and had these big smiles on their faces like they were incredibly happy. It was the opposite of the couple I’d seen inside.”

7 January 2005 - 6 days later, Brad and Jen announce their separation

And just 6 days later on 7th January 2005 Brad and Jen announced their separation in a joint statement.

But people’s magazine cover story had a question;

Will they reunite? The same question people are asking 15 years later.

4 months down to their separation on 9th May 2005 Photos came out of Brad and Angelina Jolie chilling out on the beach, pretty much confirming rumors of their relationship. Jennifer eventually spoke out about the rumor in 2006 interview with Vanity Fair, saying:

“The world was shocked, and I was shocked. I can’t say it was one of the highlights of my year. Who would deal with that and say, ‘Isn’t that sweet? That looks like fun!’?

You joke and say,

"What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

What happened next?

When did Brad and Jen actually divorce, did Angelina and Brad start dating before the couple announced their separation. We will reveal all in our next video / article.

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