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"Blood, sweat and tears" is what made Beyonce a success says Mom Tina Knowles

Beyonce may have broken the record for the most Grammy Award wins ever but it came after years of hard work and dedication. During her acceptance speech at the 2021 Grammy Awards, Beyonce, 39, told the world that she has “been working her whole life, since 9 years old,” though her mum has a slightly different recollection.

Mum Tina Knowles clarified on Instagram on Tuesday that it has actually been earlier since she was 7 in a sweet message. She also had more colour behind the sacrifices Beyonce has had to make to get where she has.

Mum points out the hard work that is needed to succeed

“So much, Blood ,sweat and tears, intense training , vocal lessons , dance lessons, running and singing with your dad, every morning , missed parties and proms , hardly any playing outside.
Total dedication and tremendous 100 Percent focus . So many sacrifices . I have to say you don’t have a career like this with out huge sacrifices and pure dedication .. And tremendous giving back, and paying it forward at the same time.
Well deserved baby !! Thanks to the Grammy’s for showing that short clip of just a few of your many groundbreaking , game changing , career moves , it was amazing.”

Mum Tina went on to talk of Beyonce’s ability to set standards and be a role model. The post continues;

“It only touched the surface of all of the groundbreaking rule changing ways , you have , set the standards, your fearless unapologetic statements in your music and performances and filmmaking, have knocked down doors for others to be fearless and unapologetic as well, you continuously raised the bar and made your own rules , an example for so many artist .
Every award show I look at , I see your inspiration in so many other’s performances in some way,”

Beyonce's mum continues with praise for how she has continued to graciously acknowledge up and coming artists'

“You are always complimentary you are always exposing young talent , and creatives, In front of and behind the camera’s teaching, training, mentoring sharing all of the resources that you have taken years ,and so much sacrifice to build.
You are always happy for all of the other talented artist!! You also respect and honor artist that came before you and opened doors for you !!!!You are truly a gracious Class act!!!"

The 67 year old, mum ended the post by declaring out proud she was;

"I am so Proud not of just the 28 Grammys but for the incredible human being you have managed to stay ❤️❤️”

Beyonce net worth is roughly $400 million according to business insider, and is one of Forbes’ Richest Self-made Women. The path to success is certainly not easy but hard work and dedication can pay off.

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