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Billie Eilish's shocking revelation about her blonde hair

Billie Eilish’s new blonde hair created a storm but actually the 19 year old changed her hair much earlier than people thought and decided to keep it a secret.

The 19 year old debuted her new blonde look on Wednesday, 2 days after winning the grammys. She had previously said she would change her colour after her documentary, The World’s a little Blurry premiered but the singer shared a new TikTok video which revealed that her hair had been dyed earlier.

The video was identical to one from end of Jan except a slight difference. At the end of the new video she lifts up her black and green wig a little to adjust it and in the comments of her new video, she revealed that she had been wearing a wig for “like 2 months”.

Back in February she was out at the beach but had her head covered up, most likely to hide her hair. At the Grammy’s she was seen wearing hats, in an attempt to hide that it was in fact a wig but seems like she managed to get away with it and no one would have known had she not said anything.

Some feel somewhat cheated by finding out now, surely its better to know the truth than to be deceived but what she chooses to share is definitely her own choice.

Her new hairstyle has left people divided, some love the new look while others preferred her green and black hair. Now that she has revealed that she has a wig which looks exactly like her old hair there is always the option of mixing it up if she ever needs to and she isn’t the only celebrity wearing wigs these days, so I am sure people wont mind. Tell us what you think?

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