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Billie Eilish Explains How She Accidentally Bought 70 Boxes Of Cereal, Faces Backlash Online

When you are rich, it’s tough to know what things cost and what is the right price to pay. When you are rich as 19 year old Billie Eilish is, whose reported net worth is around $25 million dollars then it’s even tougher especially when it comes to grocery shopping. She has never been an adult before so how is she expected to know? Although she does claim to have grown up poor so maybe she should?

The singer recently revealed that she had paid $35 for cereal but hadn’t realised how expensive it was until later when she had 70 boxes of fruit loop delivered. Who can blame her, 50 cents for a cereal is rather cheap for a multi millionaire.

Speaking to Vanity Fair the singer reveals

'I don't know what things cost because I've never been an adult before,' she told March issue of Vanity Fair. 'And, you know, I grew up with no money.'

'It's a really weird position I'm in. I feel kind of stupid because I'm like, I don't know how much Froot Loops are. I tried to order one box of Froot Loops and I was like, Oh yeah, sure. It's $35. I didn't know that that's expensive.'

Fans took to Twitter to react, but were unsympathetic.

One wrote:

"Ok billie eilish we get you’re rich but cereal does not cost £25. surely you’ve been inside a supermarket before and seen that no food costs over £25."

Another commented;

"I aspire to be as rich as billie eilish not knowing how much one box of froot loops cereal costs and paying 35$ with no questions asked."

Not all brought into not knowing what things cost because she has never been an adult, one user wrote;

"But seriously, at 16 i knew how much cereal, shoes, a watch, a beach chair, and 5 gal of gas cost. I worry for my grandkids future."

As if that wasn’t bad enough, her being poor story definitely did not go down well with many angry at the comment;

One user wrote;

"I call bulls**t on Billie Eilish spending 35$ on what she thought was one box of cereal because she 'doesn't know what things cost' cause she 'grew up poor'.
"When you grow up poor you're hyper aware of how much things cost. Not knowing how much 35$ is is a rich people thing."

Another wrote;

I’ve been poor my entire life. I can guarantee you if there’s one thing a poor person knows it’s what things cost…
The ONLY people who don’t know how much something costs is somebody who has so much money they never had to think of the price…
They never have to count how much money they have to see if they can afford whatever it is they’re buying. I wonder if she’s aware of what kind of a fool she is trying to push this sh*t?”

For those that don’t know, although Billie Eilish claims to have grown up poor many believe she was never poor in a general sense, but had instances where her family couldn’t afford certain things such as horse riding lessons. Although her home was small, it was in an affluent area in LA and well furnished. Her parents had also had their own fair share of fame working as actors and singer-song writers. Although Billie Eilish claims her parents were working actors and not famous.

Billie Eilish claims to have been embarrassed at not knowing the cost of cereal, however perhaps she should be more embarrassed at making claims of having grown up poor when that does not appear to be the case, although it is all relative. Maybe in the neighbourhood she lived in, it wasn’t the biggest of houses but she certainly sounds like she had all the home comforts she needed and plenty of boxes of cereals to eat without needing to know the cost.

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