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Big Blow To Ellen DeGeneres Show | October 2020

If you think Ellen’s apology and her show airing back has whitewashed all the curse of 2020, if you also think people who were once accusing her of awkward behavior have forgiven her, then watch this video till the end.

I have just stumbled upon two articles online and its clear she or her show has not revived yet.

According to a report published on Daily Mail UK the cast of Gogglebox Australia have slammed Ellen DeGeneres' apology following allegations that her show harbored a toxic workplace.

Last month, the comedian kicked off the 18th season of her talk show by telling her audience she was 'taking responsibility' for the scandal while also squeezing in a few jokes.

But during Wednesday night's episode of Gogglebox, the cast lashed out at the 62-year-old for the 'awkward' comedic undertones in her monologue.

Millie Dalton explained:

"It undermines the meaning of the apology when you're just cracking jokes"

"I feel awkward, I feel awkward watching it... I don't know if I buy it. Actions speak louder than words", Chantal Bakac added.

Matty Fahd agreed: "This is super awkward, knowing everyone is watching and hating you, then you have to get up there to apologise and you're obviously not really sorry."

Matt Dalton also wasn't impressed by Ellen's apology and said:

"She's not addressing the hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of workplace complaints about her being nasty. When not one but 300 people complain, maybe there's a smell there."

Well this is not an average person complaining that goes unnoticed, amidst pandemic almost 750 thousand people were tuning into Gogglebox through the cable network.

Now let’s move to the second article, it starts with Ellen DeGeneres has a problem.

The article published on showbiz tabloid said that the ratings for her first week, in metered markets, were down 25% from last year. According to, “The Ellen Show” scored only 800,00 viewers in its return week.

Just 300,000 were in the desired 25-54 age group. DeGeneres’s show was 25% down in the key demo and 11% off overall.

More numbers will be in soon, but “The Ellen Show” finished 5th among all syndicated talk shows. “Live with Kelly and Ryan” was number 1 with 1.9 million viewers.

DeGeneres should be concerned that she has lost the young and more specifically the younger women that advertisers depend on. They were obviously aware of her “toxic backstage” scandal. It’s taken a big bite of her audience.

So the point here is, when people were accusing Ellen of every bad thing, it was her brand Ellen that took the severe hit and as people are not convinced with her apology, it’s also going to impact the economics of the show.

We just hope without thinking too much about the economics and advertisers, Ellen focuses on convincing people she is working to bring the change, taking a vocal responsibility and firing backstage staff is clearly not helping.

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