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Best places to buy gifts during lockdown

Christmas is fast approaching and so is the thought of what you will buy someone. Unlike previous years when it was easy to pick things up on the way from work and many were easily drawn in by the window displays this year is a bit different.

We are in lockdown and even if we were walking past shops, the thought of long queues and 2m distance doesn’t appeal. So, what is the best way to buy gifts and most importantly how do you make sure that the gift you buy will hold up to the quality and the look and feel will be exactly what you expect.

1. Online – Amazon

Amazon has definitely become the go to place for anything and everything. It’s the one thing that kept everyone going during lockdown when most other places were closed. You can pretty much find anything on amazon across different sellers which is great because you can also compare prices.

What’s even better is the reviews and customer pictures. We all know pictures can be deceptive, they are often shot at a particular angle in the right type of lighting that sometimes when the item arrives it looks low cost. However with more and more people using amazon, we are finding that there is more honesty amongst customers and looking at pictures people have taken really does give you a true sense of what to expect.

2. Yell and call local business

With COVID and many people losing jobs, everyone knows that businesses need customers to survive and it’s nice to be able to use a local business than a commercial site and has just the solution to help you find local businesses or maybe you know the business already or have heard of them through word of mouth.

Reviews are very important and is a great website to connect neighbours so you can always ask if anyone has used a particular business and what their experience has been.

Using local businesses is a great idea if you want to have the community feel of giving back, help to keep people in jobs so that they can put meals on the table for their families.

Of course this is not to say Amazon isn’t a good option, they still small independent local businesses selling.

3. Help the underprivileged school kid and buy their art work

There are different ways of feeling like you have made a difference, another option is to help children in the community raise money by buying their art work. Not only will it given them the money, it will also nurture their talents, build their confidence and help them become more business oriented.


COVID may be stopping us from purchasing gifts in our usual way but there are plenty of workarounds to help you find the perfect gift. With more and more reliance to do things online or over the phone, research is important and the best research is reviews to make sure you get the right quality and the look and feel is exactly what you were after.

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