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Ben Affleck’s Dad Breaks Silence On Jennifer Lopez Reunion And Bennifer 2.0

Amidst the rumor, dates, sleepover and vacation, you might be wondering why Bennifer 2.0 is not giving updates on their rekindled romance, so is Ben Afflecks father, Timothy Affleck.

So the good news is we know as much as Ben’s father and the bad news is no one knows anything, there are definitely clues, hints and teasing by the new old couple, but everyone is waiting for them to confirm it.

And now, BEN Affleck’s father Timothy has broken his silence on the actor son’s romance with Jennifer Lopez.

Talking exclusively to the Sun The 77-year-old said that Ben didn't inform his family about their rekindled relationship and claimed his son hasn't been "pining" for the singer for years.

On the contrary industry insiders are claiming Bennifer never fell out of love and are "picking up right where they left off"

Ben’s dad scoffed at the notion that the actor has secretly been carrying a torch all along for the singer.

“I’ve never heard of all that nonsense,” said Timothy, a retired social worker and writer who also has worked in the theatre, appearing with Ben’s brother, Casey, in his 2010 film I'm Still Here.

He also added that he was reluctant to discuss the news reports because Ben has not mentioned to him that he is seeing Jennifer.

“Of course I’ve heard of her,” he said. “But I’d no idea about any of this.

“I talk to my kids about their lives when I see them and they share with me what they want to share.”

So there is a communication gap which he admitted is perhaps the reason why he is in the dark because he has not been able to get together with Ben for months.

“I haven’t seen my kids in so long, what with their work and Covid,” he said.

Ben and Jennifer were first linked in April when sources claimed they were "secretly hanging out", before Ben was spotted at the megastar's LA home.

But in all honesty, the rekindled romance got the limelight just a month ago and anyone especially at Ben’s age with so much life experience would not take things to his family this quickly.

Now the outlets going and talking to their families is unnecessarily adding more pressure on the couple, something that they don’t need now.

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