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Ben Affleck Leaves Jennifer Lopez’s House After Sleepover In The Morning With A Smirk

Ben and Jen are like, let’s have some more fun, lets tease the bennifer Sqaud a little more before making things official.

Page Six has reported that Ben spent last night at J Lo’s home, and while leaving Jennifer Lopez’s house Wednesday morning, Ben Affleck looked satisfied.

The “Gone Girl” actor was photographed in his car with quite the smirk on his face as he departed her Los Angeles home.

According to the photographs, At first, the Oscar-winning actor, 48, didn’t look too thrilled with being photographed outside Lopez’s home, but he quickly changed his tune — and mood — and put a grin on for the paparazzi.

The couple’s apparent sleepover happened just one day after their cuddly Monday night date, so it seems their rekindled relationship is more intense than anyone can imagine.

We have already reported on the Monday night date where the stars were spotted Monday with arms wrapped around each other heading into the Pendry hotel in West Hollwyood, and we’re told the PDA continued throughout their meal.

“They were very affectionate, very cuddly,” as the birds were chirping. . “He had his arm around her the whole time.”

Affleck and Lopez, 51, who reunited after she and fiancé Alex Rodriguez broke up, were spotted in LA and last week spent their mini vacay in Miami.

And obviously we cannot ignore Montana, right before Miami the new old couple enjoyed a romantic rendezvous at the ultra-exclusive Yellowstone Club in Montana, where a source said they spent much of their time going for walks, swimming and taking dips in the hot tub.

Wow too much action, it seems like May was a whole year.

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