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'Beauty Snacking' became a big thing during lockdown and is here to stay

Lockdown has been great in many ways especially for those that were lucky enough to work from home. Instead of spending the time we did every morning to style our hair perfectly and to even out our skin with makeup all we had to do was wake up, wash our face add a simple moisture and start working.

Of course many of us did have to be on camera with most people needing to take calls over zoom but thankfully Zoom thought of a solution for us there and allowed you to slightly enhance your features which blurred your face a little but also just made you look so much better. Most people could also blame their camera for not having a clear picture.

With it came the wonderful new trend which has become known as “beauty snacking”. This is effectively the small breaks you take to refresh yourself and your skin for example a face mist to freshen your face or some oils to relax you. Experts predict this trend hasn’t died with lockdown being lifted and if anything is set to stay but will be more on the go. Here are some of the things to look out for.

1. Skin refresh

This is effectively moisturiser than gives your face a lift and reduces puffiness. Great to awaken the skin particularly when you have been couped up inside.

2. Lip oil

Keeping your lips soft has became easier over lockdown and a soothing oil for the lips was perfect for curing those dry lips. Most people probably drank more water during this period so may not have needed it as much.

3. Supplement drops

These are great and are a usually offered as a blend of oils that you can apply directly to the face. There are many different variations in the market although oil blends such as rosemary, mistletoe, schisandra are great since they can help they act as an antibacterial, antimicrobial and anti-fungal shield to help fight off sickness. With new variant of COVID-19 coming along such as omicron it always helps to reduce sickness.

4. Body mists

These are great at making you feel refreshed and revitalised and get your focus back. You can get many different types but those that have some form of essential oils are the best.

5. Aromatherapy roll-ons

Filled with essential oils these help to get your focus back or add give you more energy. You can buy pre-blended ones or get them individually for example rosemary is great at fighting off fatigue and waking you up.

6. Hand cream

This was always a trend pre-lockdown in my opinion but expect it to continue. Keeping your hands moisturised is a must to avoid them looking old and wrinkly. They always say you know a person’s age by looking at their hands since the more you work the less youthful, they can appear. Keeping them moisturised will certain work well to hide your age.

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