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An Audience Member On The "Ellen Show" Was Warned She Can’t Be Smarter Or Funnier Than Ellen

This year is definitely not a good one for Ellen DeGeneres, especially since the beginning of the lockdown; she has been facing backlashes left, right and center.

After staff, bodyguard and a part-time waiter cum comedian have accused Ellen of faking kindness and being mean in real life, the new accusation is coming right from an audience who has attended the shoot of an episode in the studio.

The audience member is speaking about how she was treated backstage by the producer after she was picked up to appear on a segment called “Make It Rain”. It was a segment in which guests were drenched after answering trivia questions.

Audience Was Left Wet And Shivering

According to Inside Edition:

Dana Dimatteo, The audience member said she was thrilled to be picked out of the audience, but was left wet and shivering by producers. As she revealed the participants were promised to be given dry clothes to change into but after the segment the crew had them waiting in a hallway by the bathroom.

Dimatteo said it's almost like they forgot about us, because we were waiting for a good 45 minutes. It was freezing cold.

She has also accused of being told by the producer that she can’t be smarter or funnier than Ellen, she (Ellen) is the comedian and the star, not you.

Ellen Will Pretend To Be Kind, You Pretend To Be Dumb

Dimatteo flew from Chicago to Los Angeles to be at the show.

"You just expect a lot when you go to meet your idol. When you get disappointed, it's such a letdown," she said.

Ellen's motto is to be kind, but Dimatteo said she was the opposite on the day she visited.

Dimatteo told Inside Edition that “Ellen would only speak to the audience when the cameras were rolling. As soon as they turned the cameras off, she would not even acknowledge the audience. She would sit on the couch basically. Even when she exited, she just said what she had to say on camera and then walked off,"

Ellen's Damage Control Effort, In vain ?

Ellen has tried to sort out her issues with her staff members by addressing them remotely and as reported by many Ellen shed tears and apologised, accepting she was "not perfect" and that disturbing allegations about the atmosphere on the show were heartbreaking.

Earlier she was also accused of a weird rule that staffers and guests were told not to address her or look her in the eye, Ellen has rejected this allegation.

Is Ellen Cancelled?

It is insane how feel-good talk show and the self-proclaimed ambassador of kindness had the most chaotic, dramatic pause. A dent on 17 years of reputation built over lies will not disappear anytime soon.

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