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America’s favorite pizza topping is starting to get scarce, Could disappear from supply chain

For some people the worst of 2020 has just started and many of us have consoled ourselves during the extended lockdown period that at least we have food on the table, we can order Pizza, if not a fancy one just a pepperoni pizza.

Sad news is America’s most loved and quintessential pizza topping hit the highest price before disappearing from the supply chain for a while.

America’s favorite pizza topping is starting to get scarce
Pepperoni gone to soon

The stimulus packages have helped Americans eat proper food during the time of uncertainty but the news of possible scarcity of pepperoni is an alarming signal and if the businesses are not reopened more essential food products may start disappearing.

According to Bloomberg, Small pizza shops across the U.S. are reporting higher prices and tight supply for their usual pepperoni orders.

The food shortage in 2020 was initially discussed and the possible disruption of the supply chain was forecasted.

Pepperoni shortage has left the twitter users wondering, what’s next?

2020 ya’ll Smaller pizza shops across the country are dealing with a pepperoni shortage driving the cost up by 50%! It’s bc pork processors have fewer workers during the pandemic & the demand for has gone up as more people order it from home!

Though the tweets and reactions sound funny, it will be terrible if you have to pay double the price for Pepperoni until it disappears.

As reported by Bloomberg, larger chain pizzerias typically buy ingredients on long-term contracts with pre-negotiated prices that are not subject to market changes, so Domino’s, Papa John’s, Pizza Hut and Little Caesars have avoided pepperoni shortages or price increases to date.

No one would have ever imagined that, what started with the shortage of toilet paper will reach to this extent and the only thing that has no scarcity in 2020 is the uncertainty.

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