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Amanda Cerny Is The Wine Getting Older Getting Better

If you are on Social Media and you have not heard of Amanda Rachelle Cerny, stop faking grief over the possible ban of TikTok. You don't belong to social media and you should quietly walkaway.

Amanda Cerny has been a global crush for years and once you land on her Instagram profile, you cannot just leave.

At HIAD Weekly Zoom conference, Amanda's topic popped up and it was funny, we all ended up discussing her posts and videos. Surprisingly everyone had a crush on Amanda, irrespective of gender.

Team HIAD has decided to register their love for Amanda Cerny by posting their favorite Cerny's Instagram post. And here are our favorites in increasing order of rank.






While these are merely 5 posts out of 1000s or more Amanda has on her social media, this was our team member's opinion and it will certainly help us figure out who appreciates the beauty and who is the pervert in our team.

Watch Amanda Cerny's Latest Video Here

THE AFTER PARTY! | Amanda Cerny | Johannes Bartl

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