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Almost billionaire Kylie Jenner makes pancakes with Stormi

The almost billionaire 23 year old, Kylie Jenner who is also the mother of beautiful daughter Stormi decided her Monday morning was dedicated to her daughter and the two even made waffles in a video which was shared on Kylie Jenner’s Instagram stories.

The twist in the tale was that Jenner was making her waffles in a waffle maker gifted by her elder sister, Khloe Kardashian, who had gifted her niece Stormi an adorable mini mouse-shaped waffle maker that gave out mini-shaped waffles.

“Do you know Kho-ko got us this", Kylie asks Stormi to which the 3 year old replies "yes".

At one point Kylie asks Stormi how she got to be so cute to which she replied she ate one, does she mean that eating one waffle can make you cute? If so, I think its about time we started eating some. She then goes on to ask for one more before changing her mind and asking for 5 more instead.

The sweet mother daughter bonding melted many hearts and was literally the sweetest thing to see on a Monday morning.

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