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All the wacky reasons celebrities have had lawsuits brought against them

Many people will do anything they can to get ahead or to get what they think they are earned in some obscure manner. So its no wonder some people think a lawsuit is the way to go particularly against a celebrity. We bring some of the weirdest lawsuits brought against celebrities in an attempt by others to get famous or rich or simply to bring justice.

Beyonce cast a spell over former drummer Kimberley Thompson

Let’s start with Beyonce and her dark magic. So there have been rumours of Beyonce having a cult following, but one of her former drummer Kimberley Thompson who worked for Beyonce for 7 years claims that Beyonce had used Magic spells and extreme witchcraft.

Documents were submitted in late 2018 where Thompson claimed in handwritten legal documents that Beyonce harassed her by using "magical spells of sexual molestation" on her and also murdered her pet kitten. Beyonce used the spells on her lovers leading to many broken relationships and causing her to lose out on jobs. The judge’s verdict? Ultimately, a judge denied her request for a restraining order.

Basketball player, Michael Jordan caused Allen Ray Heckard distress for looking like him

Next up is Michael Jordan, professional basketball player who was being sued by Allen Ray Heckard. In a lawsuit against Jordan and Nike founder Phil Knight, Allen claimed Jordan looked like him and as a result his life had been ruined. He blames them for making Jordan so well known. People at the gym thought he could play ball like Jordan, other people thought he was rich like Jordan, and so on and so forth. The lawsuit was eventually dropped when Allen realised that he may not exactly look like him especially given Heckard was eight years older, 30 pounds lighter, and six inches shorter and maybe the chances of him winning the lawsuit would have been slim.

Mila Kunis stole Kirstina Karo's chicken

Mila Kunis was sued by Kristina Karo for stealing a chicken as a child when Kunis was in Ukraine. Karo was seeking $5000 to cover therapy sessions she needed "due to isolation for the loss of her chicken pet 'Doggie.' It just so happens that this was at the same time that Karo was trying to make it big as a singer. Kunis took the whole incident lightly and even counter claimed for making her watch the music video Karo was trying to promote at the time. After the buzz, the 5k lawsuit was dropped with Karo claiming that she took the decision as her therapist taught her to forgive.

Jonas brother fans crushed Ashleigh Johnson

The Jonas brother also received a lawsuit from a fan Ashleigh Johnson who claims that she was "agonizingly crushed" into a fence at a 2010 Jonas Brothers concert because they are too famous. She decided to sue them claiming that the “masses” at the concert crushed her and that she suffered mental, emotional, and physical injuries. The case was dismissed.

Miley Cyrus offended every squinted in her picture offending Lucie Kim and all of Asians

The next celebrity to cause up a stir is Miley Cyrus leading to a lawsuit by Lucie Kim who sued her and wanted Miley to pay $4K to every Asian citizen in LA county. What exactly did Miley do? She posted a picture on Instagram squinting which made her look like she was making fun of Asians. The case was so far out of left field that no judge in their right mind would even consider this. The case was thrown out without even considering Kim’s side.

Charlie Sheen's stalker, Ursula Auburn, is the reason for Two and a Half men

Ursula Auburn is another woman who sued Charlie Sheen in a bizarre claim that she wanted money for. Ursula claims that the weird neighbour that stalked Charlie on the show Two and a half men was based on her and as a result she demanded money. Not sure about you but isnt it odd that she actually admits to being a stalker then demands money for it.

Jennifer Lopez is too sexy for the Moroccan education group

Our final unexpected claim is from the Moroccan education group who is suing Jennifer Lopez for being too sexy it would seem. JLo attended a concert in morocco which was attended by many including the education group suing her but found her performance and the way she was dressed was an utter offence for women of their country. The lawsuit never actually reached the court but its unlikely you will be finding JLo in Morocco anytime soon, but life is full of surprise.


I am sure there are many other bizarre claims that celebrities are sued for every day. These were just some of the ones we picked. Would love to hear any others you have come across, please leave them in the comments box.

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