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Alisha Wainwright talks about how she feels about Justin Timberlake

It was November 2019 when Justin Timberlake was working on his project Palmer, and once post pack up during a night out in New Orleans he was seen holding hands with his costar Alisha Wainwright. The news spread like wildfire and everything looked so convincing, it did in a way start impacting Justin and Jessica Biel's relationship.

But couple of months after that, the whole world was locked down, so for their relationship the whole 2020 was a blessing in disguise as they had enough time to fix things together. But was there really anything between Justin and Alisha?

Well Justin spoke about it and even the crew members who were present there gave the insider information but surprisingly Alisha Wainwright decided to give it a pass. Come 2021, when pretty much everyone forgets about that scandal, Justin and Jessica welcome their second child and Alisha decides to break her silence not on the rumored PDA but her experience working with Justin.

“This guy is a megastar, and he’s one of the most recognizable faces,” Alisha said.
“I thought he was incredible in this movie. You’d be surprised how someone is in character. You can take away all the noise and just focus on what’s in front of you like, ‘Let’s make a movie.'”

Doesn’t seem like there was anything romantic between them but may be a weak moment back then?

Uhmm not even that, according to the crew members and insiders present there.

“Nothing remotely romantic is going on with Justin and Alisha. The whole cast is shooting out there and like to hang out together. They were very much in public and nothing inappropriate was happening.”

But as we mentioned earlier the rumor and may be how the tabloids covered it was somewhere impacting Justin’s married life and to throw sand over fire, he released a statement that was resonating with what the crew members suggested but the statement was filled with passion and his love for family and his wife Jessica.

So either everything was exaggerated about the incident by tabloids or Justin’s passionate note was an effort of damage control, but as we all know he is a family man, he clearly gets the benefit of doubt.

What do you think ?

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