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Alex Rodriguez Was Dining Alone At A Hot Spot In NYC, While In LA, Bennifer 2.0 Is Ready To Move In

Everyone is talking about the rekindled romance between Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, While Alex Rodriguez was totally ignored in the last couple of weeks.

And the last time a paparazzi tried to ask him couple of questions regarding Bennifer 2.0, did not go well and the NBA star’s response was “Go Yankee”.

Clearly he was frustrated over how fast things moved for Bennifer and how the media is celebrating Bennifer 2.0

This weekend for a change Alex was spotted smiling and even throwing a thumbs-up to the paparazzi.

A-Rod also flashed a big smile for the cameras as he made his way to New York hotspot Bar Pitti by himself.

The 45-year-old was photographed dining solo for part of his meal at the Greenwich Village restaurant before he was joined by an unidentified male.

Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, Bennifer is up for another surprise as the rumors suggest the couple is ready to move in.

In fact the singer and mom of two is hunting for a good school in LA to move Max and Emme from Miami,it is also speculated that Jlo’s coffee date with Marc Anthony was to discuss the future of their kids and it seems, Marc Anthony gave his approval for them to move with Ben.

Alex Rodriguez is a known sports personality, but before dating J Lo his life was not at the radar of the media and tabloid, so sooner or later, the extra attention he received in last few years will fade away.

But good to see him smiling and being nice to the Papparazi.

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