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Advice from a girl on TikTok about what to do with a cheating boyfriend

It’s somewhat romantic when a man goes all out to fight for you but there is a fine line between obsessiveness and romance, for those that watched the Netflix series called ‘You’, will know what I mean.

A recent video that is trending is being hailed by many as the man simply finding a creative way to win over the woman he wants to be with, however the woman in question does not seem convinced.

On 10th December 2020 a user called Katelyn Kohn described how a boy she was seeing was also talking to another close friend of hers, so she did what any woman would do. Block him of course!

However she decided he deserved to pay and what a better way to get someone to pay than continue watching their Netflix. I mean come on, who doesn’t like Netflix?

To get her attention he decided to change each of his username to say “Please Unblock Me”. Sort of impressive, right? Well Katelyn agrees and admitted "Is it wrong that I am kind of impressed?"

The video has been liked more than 600k times and has had well over 7k comments and many seem to be in the camp of giving him a chance.

One said:

"He's trying so hard. You have to give him props."

Another added:

"My ex used my Netflix. I let him continue to use it [until] he got to the final episode of his show, then changed [the] password."

"Unblock him," added a third. "I'd give him a second chance. I mean he's letting you use his Netflix still, plus that's really cute."

While another said:

"You definitely got to give him credit for creativity! I mean come on that's pretty smart and [he] even said please."

In an "update" video a few days later she revealed that this wasn't the first time she'd caught him being "shady".

"Even after being presented with hardcore facts and proof, he denied everything so I blocked him," she said.

She then added:

"Just to clarify, I do have my own Netflix but my reasoning at the time was he used me for months, so I'm going to get a free month of Netflix."
"Moral of the story, know your self worth and if he tries to communicate with you through Netflix - run."

Thanks for the great advice Katlyn, now we know how to get payback, continue to use his Netflix. Afterall he deserves it right? Tell us what you think?

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