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Actress Jamie Lee Curtis mistakes popcorn for ear pods

We have all had one of those embarrassing tech mishaps that we would like to brush under the carpet but its good to know we are not alone. Freaky Friday star Jamie Lee Curtis shared her own mishap on Sunday, mistaking popcorn for ear pods

She sent fans into hysterics after she posted a picture with the popcorn in her ear which she captioned with “So I'm definitely over this whole isolation thing,”

The actress had accidentally placed the piece of popcorn into her ear, confusing it for one of her AirPods. It was only when the salty puff failed to play any sound that Jamie realized her error.

“I picked up my ear pod and put it in my ear and was trying to figure out why I couldn't hear,” she wrote, adding a popcorn emoji to the admission.

In her defence, popcorn does look very much like an AirPod so it can be easily done.

Fans of the star were highly entertained by the accident, with many praising Jamie for her unbeatable humour.

One user admitted their own mistake by adding “Haha! I randomly put the cord from my headphones in my ear yesterday!”

Even Jamie’s fellow celebrities joined in on the banter, with actors Melanie Griffith and Jennifer Grey expressing their amusement over their friend’s dazed mishap.

We can’t say we’ll be swapping our AirPods for popcorn any time soon, but if we ever we need inspiration for some corny jokes about popcorn and earbuds then we know Jamie’s fans won’t let us down. Sorry guys we couldn’t help ourselves.

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