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Actor Josh O'Connor feels bad for Prince Charles after playing him in Netflix's The Crown

Netflix series The Crown revolving around Queen Elizabeth and the related royalties has brought the royal family in the limelight yet again, the last time the family was discussed this much was during Megxit.

But the series has debunked many of the notions and assumptions people had about the royal family. One learning from the series is, wealth and power are the factors that differentiate the royal family from what some may call common people.

Though the royals are subject to constant scrutiny and have to abide by rules set hundreds of years before their birth, what happens behind the scene is no different.

The issues Prince Charles had to deal with in his youth were lived by Josh O'Connor in the series and he feels bad for the Prince of Wales.

Speaking to Town & Country in an interview the actor said he really sympathizes with the predicament that Prince Charles is in, calling it "a really difficult one and profound one."

In The Crown, Charles is unable to be with the woman he truly loves, Camilla Parker-Bowles, due to centuries-old rules and instead ends up married to Diana Spencer. "It's a difficult situation for him because ultimately, the Queen's not wrong when she says duty comes first," O'Connor explained.

Trying to fit into Prince Charles’ shoes has also impacted O'Connor’s political views as he explains "Before I did this job, I would describe myself as a republican," "Now I would say I'm probably a republican with deep sympathy and respect for the Queen and Prince Charles."

"The emotional significance of a son waiting for his mother to die for his life to take meaning? That's quite bold," reflected O'Connor, adding that he knows he's done his job not only when he started to sympathize with Charles, but when the audience does too.

What do you think? Do members of the royal family have it tough?

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