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Actor Jacob Elordi and Zendaya are over and he has his sights set on supermodel Kaia Gerber

For quite some time Jacob and Zendaya were thought to have been dating in “secret” but were caught kissing in February according to Elle, despite denying those rumours for months and even calling her like his sister in an interview published in GQ Australia in December.

It would seem he has his sights set on Kaia Gerber, 19 year old super model and daughter of Cindy Crawford. Gerber and Elordi were photographed together having dinner at Nobu in Malibu on Tuesday, on the same date as Zendaya’s 24th birthday. Coincidently Kaia’s birthday was also not too far off (3 September).

According to an E! source, Jacob is interested in dating her although they aren’t fully commited to each other yet.

"Jacob definitely has interest in dating Kaia, but there is nothing serious going on there," the source said. "They have many mutual friends and have hung out many times in the past. They both have very chill personalities and similar interests. Jacob makes Kaia laugh and her family adores him."
"Kaia is keeping things friendly for now but there is flirtation between the two. She has told friends she is single and is only having fun and hanging out with people," the source added.

It wasn’t too long ago when a different source pointed out to E! how close he was with Zendaya after pictures of him kissing Zendaya were released in February. At the time the source had said;

"Jacob and Zendaya have been seeing each other for months now...they started as close friends but it became romantic after their show ended," a separate source told E! at the time.
"They have been inseparable since last summer and have been making time for each other in between projects," the source continued. "Jacob has met Zendaya's family, and everyone adores him. They have a lot of fun together and have a lot in common."

Sounds like 23 year old Jacob is either having fun, extremely confused or may genuinely have fallen in love just like in his film the Kissing Booth.

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