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50 Cent Endorses Donald Trump After Seeing Opponent's Tax Plans

We are almost a block away from the festive season and for the US it also includes the Democratic festival that is known as Election.

Some voters keep their choices a private affair and some blow it up using their humongous reach on social media.

Celebrities and famous personalities endorse the candidates depending on what suits their ideology, finances and business plans.

In the upcoming US Election, many influential faces have endorsed the democratic nominee and currently holding office President Donald Trump has had to rely on actual people whose vote counts as much as influential people. It's not that Trump is not endorsed by famous personalities, but if we look at the ratio, Joe Biden is a clear winner.

But as the election is almost 2 weeks away, celebs are changing sides or if they have kept quiet earlier are now becoming vocal.

50 Cent is one of those who has come forward supporting President Trump, which has been described by some as a shocking endorsement.

It is indeed shocking because he is not a registered republican and has been a critic of Donald Trump in recent related to Trump's effort to curb Covid-19.

Quoted on hotnewhiphop

50 Cent has gone on the record to diss Donald Trump in the past, calling out his response to the COVID-19 pandemic several months ago. "You wanted a reality show host as president," said Fif. "Well now you're on Survivor."

But it seems some of Joe Biden's tax-related policies have made him change sides, as he posted his endorsement for President Trump on Instagram.

Well this is the reason 50 Cent is trending on Twitter and supporters from different camps have different points of view on 50 Cent's 2 cent on Election 2020.

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