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50 Cent and P Diddy feud explained

50 cent found himself in a tricky place recently as his baby momma, Daphne Joy was spotted with a man he does not like. That man being hip hop mogul and his enemy P Diddy of course, or maybe they are more like frenemies.

50 cent did however refrain from making any snide remarks and instead chose to share the picture of the two on Instagram with the caption,

‘ Nah me and puff fight over business s**t. If he like the girl, he like the girl I don’t give a f**k !’

Sometimes pretending not to care is a form of retaliation, although given she is the mother of his child, I am sure being negative towards her is also not helpful particularly for their son, Sire who is now 8 and smart enough to know what is happening around him.

Let’s also not forget 50 Cents relationship with his ex was tumultuous towards the end hitting headlines over a domestic violence and vandalism incident in 2013, though he was not convicted and was instead reported to enter a plea bargain. Still it is better he refrains from being too negative, besides as far as reports are concerned he is dating model Cuban Link with whom he went public in August 2019. Pretending to care probably wont help his new relationship, but why the feud with P diddy? In our series of Hiad Celebrity feuds we will cover all.

Who is 50 Cent?

Before we begin, let’s just get to know a little bit about the two. 50 cent’s real name is Curtis James Jackson III who is rapper, actor, producer and entrepreneur. He is most known for his impact in the hip hop industry. Growing up he had a tough childhood and is reported to have started selling drugs at the young age of 12 but later pursued a musical career and in 2000 produced Power of the Dollar for Columbia Records, although that was never released as he was shot a couple of days prior to release. However in 2002, after he released album ‘Guess Who’s back’ he was discovered by Eminem and signed to Shady records under aegis of De Dre’s Aftermath Entertainment and Interscope Records.

With the help of Eminem and Dr Dre, he become one the worlds best selling rappers and rose to prominence as leaser of East Coast hip hop group G-Unit.

G-Unit (short for Guerilla Unit) was an American hip hop group formed by longtime friends and East Coast rappers; 50 Cent, Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks.

Who is P Diddy?

Now let’s get to know P Diddy who is also sometimes referred to as Puff Diddy, although his real name is Sean John Combs, who is also a rapper, producer and entrepreuneur. However unlike 50 Cent, he worked as a talent director for Uptown Records before founding his own label Bad Boy records and has since cultivated artists such as The Notorious B.I.G. , Mary J Blige and Usher.

However life for P Diddy wasn’t simple either, though his mother was a model, his father who worked for the US Air Force was an associate of convicted drug dealer Fran Lucas and was shot to death in his car when Diddy was 2 years old.

Diddy earnt himself the nickname “Puff” as a child because he would “huff” and “puff” when he was younger.

The feud began in 1999 when 50 threw shade at P Diddy in the song "How to Rob"

So where did it all start? Actually we have to go back almost 22 years to 1999 when 50 dropped his single “How to Rob” from his unreleased LP Power of the Dollar. In the song, 50 describes robbing a who’s who of popular musicians at the time from lil’ Kim and Jay Z and name dropped P Diddy saying he would steal Kim from Diddy. The lyrics go;

“These industry n***s is starting to look like something to eat I'll snatch Kim and tell Puff, "You want to see her again? Dance you’re a** down to the nearest ATM"

In 2006, 50 Cent decided The Notorious B.I.G's death must have been P. Diddy

This was only the start though. After the murder of The Notorious BIG and Tupac Shakar that stemmed from the 1990s' East Coast/West Coast hip-hop rivalry, 50 took it upon himself to try to solve the mystery of who killed Biggie and the answer must have been P Diddy of course.

In his 2006 mixtape Hip Hop Is Dead: G-Unit Radio Part 22, Detective 50 Cent raps;

"Who shot Biggie Smalls?
(If) we don't get them, they gonna kill us all
Man, Puffy know who hit that n**** man, that n****'s soft
He's scared them boys from the west side gonna break him off."

Four years later 50 then accused P Diddy of exploiting his late best friend's death, bizarrely in the form of a Twitter petition.

In 2014, 50 called P Diddy's single "garbage" and called him gay

In April 2014, 50 also ran down Puffy’s single, “Big Homie” calling it “garbage”:

“Puff’s still out there. He don’t even need a record. ‘Cause he don’t got one. Like, you know Puffy ain’t got no music that you wanna hear…“That ‘Big Homie’ shit is garbage. I’m gonna keep it all the way real with you.”

Not to mention, 50 then went on to claim that Diddy was gay through his Instagram.

In late 2014, 50 set up a rival Vodka business and called P Diddy's Vodka "Puffy Juice"

50 Cent upped his game in an attempt to take away business from Diddy by launching his own vodka brand to rival Diddy’s who had been involved with Ciroc since 2007 in a deal that gives him 50% of the vodka brand’s profits.

Since Diddy jumped on board, Ciroc had become a staple of hip-hop, gaining shout outs on songs from Kanye West, Rick Ross, Kendrick Lamar, and countless others.

50 Cent decided that he wasn’t going to let P Diddy win, so in late 2014, 50 signed a deal with Effen Vodka for an undisclosed amount.

As soon as 50 signed with Effen, he had one goal in mind: Knock Diddy off his throne. After throwing out some tweets at the end of 2014 calling out Ciroc—or as 50 calls it, “Puffy Juice”—Curtis turned up the competition in 2015 and made the best use of every opportunity.

In June 2015, 50 used P Diddy's arrest as an opportunity to make fun of him

So when, in the middle of June 2015, Diddy was arrested on UCLA campus—where his son attended college and played football, for attempting to assault a strength training coach with a kettle-bell. 50 cent leaped at the opportunity.

In an Instagram video which 50 has since deleted, he sits at his desk, talking on the phone to an imaginary person; “Yeah man, I heard Puffy went Ciroc coco on the coach with a kettle-bell!” followed by a shot of him counting hundreds and claiming it as Puffy’s bail money.

P Diddy fired back at 50 with his own Instagram shots, posting a photo of the two sitting together and wishing 50 a happy birthday in the caption. His present? A lifetime supply of Ciroc, “the superior ultra premium vodka.”

In August 2015 Diddy made a dig at 50, calling his Vodka business a "little company"

In August 2015, when P Diddy made an appearance on The Breakfast Club at New York’s Power 105.1, the show’s hosts Angela Yee and Charlamagne Tha God pulled out a case of Effen vodka with a note attached: “Let’s be friends— Curtis Jackson.”

Diddy shot back;

“When you’re first starting out in these little companies, they don’t really have a lot of supply. So that’s with homeboy’s vodka, sometimes maybe you can only send a case.”

It wasn’t reported whether Diddy actually took home the Effen.

In August 2015, 50 compare P Diddy to a homeless man in a bizarre instagram post

Of course this may have hurt since in July 2015, 50 has filed for bankrupcy but this did not stop him from mocking P Diddy by comparing him to a homeless. 50 sat next to the homeless man and captioned the picture

"Me and PUFF sat and kicked it today he said, 50 I'm getting to old for this sh!t. I said I KNOW #EFFENVODKA #FRIGO #SMSAUDIO"

The man was clutching some dollar bills in his right hand, perhaps suggesting that the rapper may have made a donation despite his own financial battle.

In 2016, 50 called P Diddy the devil

In 2016, 50 continued accusing Diddy of murder on Instagram — as reported by Complex — that Biggie had passed away because he "danced with the devil." The devil being P Diddy of course.

In 2018, hate turned to love and Diddy said 50 loved him really

However by this point it seems maybe the hate turned into love and in 2018 Diddy addressed 50's comments during a visit to Power 105's "The Breakfast Club.”

During interview with The Breakfast Club, the Get Rich or Die Tryin' rapper said that he's called Diddy a "fruit cake" over the years after Puff wanted to take him shopping at Chris Lighty's wedding.

"Yeah, I thought he needed some clothes," Diddy says. "What? I'm a nice guy. I have no beef with 50. He loves me."

He goes on to add;

"Y'all can't see that he loves me?"
"You really think that's hate? When you really break it down, you been out here a long time, you know he loves me."

It may have been love all along

Hmm, seems like the two do deep down love each other and what may have started as a feud turned into a friendship. They say there is a fine line between love and hate, it takes a lot of time effort and energy to hate someone. If you are going to spend that much energy to hate someone then they must mean something to you. Surely?

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