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Kayleigh McEnany will blow your mind

Beautiful and intelligent Kayleigh McEnany has taken the world by storm

Kayleigh McEnany is nothing less than an explosion. In the last couple of months she has been on the centre stage of the White House wrecking the liberal media and schooling many reporters over insensible and insensitive questions.

It's a cliche but very apt for her, love her, hate her but you can't ignore her.

She is intelligent, attractive and knows exactly how to give it back to the press.

Here are our top 5 favourite McEnany moments;

Top 5

5. McEnany Lists Questions the Press Needs to Ask Obama, Then Walks Out

4. McEnany ENDS Chris Cuomo's Career

3. McEnany TORCHES the FBI for Handling of Gen. Flynn

2. McEnany Drops SCORCHING Details of Obamagate

1. McEnany SLAMS the Media for Ignoring Obamagate

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