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100X Metaverse Cryptos To Watch Out For In 2022

Metaverse has become a buzzword and many are wondering if its worth investing in. Not every coin out there will perform but some have potential. Craptalk Analysts are talk about which ones to watch out for in 2022.

Among these projects are;

  • Axie Infinity Token (AXS) - one of the largest market caps of meta verse cryptos which uses Axies (NFTs) which can be born, brought, sold and traded as well as the option to buy virtual real estate. One plot has been reported to have sold for $2.3m.

  • Sandbox (SAND) - another games based project which as at 19th Jan 2022 has a market cap of $3.6bn. It's native token SAND have a limited supply of 3bn tokens which is attractive to some investors to prevent new tokens coming into supply.

  • Decentraland (MANA) - allows the user to purchase NFTs along with virtual land. Broker of luxury goods Sotheby's is reported to have Brough a land on Decentraland which replicated their London office. The Token has a market cap of $6bn as of early 2022.

  1. High Street (HIGH) - this project is backed by HTC and is gaining huge interest following the dying retail industry. The ideal behind it is to create a virtual universe where you can shop for things in its currency High. You can probably see the appeal of this once and the project has a lot of potential including looking at clothing or goods you may interested in or maybe even trying things on in the future. It has a market cap of $85million. To keep pace with other tokens it allows gaming and NFTs too.

  1. Floki Inu (FLOKI) - still in its early days but gaining a lot of attention particularly since its named after Elon Musk's dog Shiba Inu, another crypto project. Many think this one is undervalued and set to rise.

  1. Metahero (HERO) - another very interesting project created in partnership with Wolf Studio. The idea being this metaverse project is to create avatars of real world objects and people using 3D scanning and there is even a centre in Doha dedicated to the scanning. Metahero has a market cap of $494 and although has seen a decline recently it does have a lot of potential.

Other projects such as Terra Virtua Kolect, Star Atlas, Enjin, Epik Prime which use metaverse concepts, NFTs and games are also interesting ones to watch out for in 2022. Watch our video to find out more about these tokens.

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